Cloud Design Labs

Expert Software Engineering

CDL builds high performance cloud and hybrid technologies for applications ranging from collaboration to financial services.

What makes us different?

Modern software systems involve numerous components; services, networks, clients and hardware devices. While the types, quality and capacity of each component vary, each can have a direct impact on user experience. At CDL, we believe in owning responsibility for the entire system; monitoring, controlling and/or managing each resource to facilitate the best possible user experience.

Our technologies perform real-time distributed analysis of all components involved in a user experience, ensuring peak reliability and minimal lag/latency in environments that feature commodity hardware, variable network conditions and unpredictable load conditions.

This decentralized "Monitor and Advise" methodology introduces peer-level accountability making each component responsible for it's own relationships within the overall system.

Extensive Domain Expertise

  • Private/Public Clouds
  • Microservices
  • Multithreaded Services
  • Distributed Systems
  • Protocol Development
  • Streaming
  • Computation Engines
  • Collaborative Solutions
  • Financial Solutions